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What is dry lining?

Drylining is a method of building internal walls and ceilings within a property.  Popular in both residential and commercial markets, it allows for both the quick and easy erection of non-load bearing walls and ceilings.

Essentially, dry lining is the process of screwing plasterboard sheets to either a timber or metal frame.  However due to the “ease of use” and “cost and savings” of metal, metal dry lining has become far more popular.

What components are required for Drylining?

To quickly and easily erect an internal wall, all you require is metal stud and track, plasterboard and the relevant screws and fixings. The metal frame consists of Metal C Stud and Metal Track. The width of the metal stud work depends upon the height of the partition wall and both the insulative and acoustic ability that needs to be achieved.

For this reason Metal Stud is stocked within the United Kingdom in varying lengths and widths.  The 5 most popular widths within the UK are 50mm C Stud, 60mm C Stud, 70mm C Stud, 90mm C Stud and 146mm C Stud (otherwise known as Jumbo Stud).  Normally the higher the wall, the wider the Stud and Track required.  Hence often in residential homes and flats where the ceilings are lower 50mm C Stud and 70mm C Stud are popular in 2.4m, 2.7m and 3m lengths, whereas in commercial and industrial applications where partition walls may need to be much higher, 146mm C Stud is commonly used in single lengths of up to 6m.

Should the partition walls require a greater degree of stability and rigidity the Metal C Stud is often replaced with Metal I Stud.  Designed to fit into the same metal track and manufactured in the UK in varying lengths, I Stud is available as 50mm I Stud, 60mm I Stud, 70mm I Stud, 90mm I Stud and 146mm I Stud.

Both the C Stud and I Stud are designed to clip into the U shaped top and bottom track.  The metal is normally 3m long and 2mm wider than the relevant C Stud and I Stud.  Bulkdrylining stock the full range of drylining Stud and Track at the cheapest price on the internet.  Whatever your project, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Equally, should you have any technical queries with regard to your drylining project, please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, we have been dealing with interior building supplies for over 50 years, we guarantee to beat any genuine like for like quote and unlike most of our internet rivals, we carry massive stocks available for immediate despatch.

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